11 September 2010

Moving In

I'm almost all moved into my dorm! On Wednesday my friend Natasha and I drove up to Dover, NJ for room assignments. It turns out there are just three of us staying in our little ol' two bedroom apartment. It's a very old house that has been slightly re-modeled. While there were some things that needed to be changed, it's a nice cozy little place and we've got it feeling like our own place now.

Unfortunately, we do not have internet. We are going to call Optimum Online tomorrow or Monday to set up some service so we can get online again, especially for research purposes. Google Image Search and dA Stock Photos are a reference finding godsend sometimes. So hopefully sometime next week I'll be back online save for intermittent visits at WiFi capable coffee shops.

I'll post some pictures soon of our cleaned up & set up place including our monstrous drawing tables :D

Down and Out,
P e z Z

01 September 2010

Obsidian Gardens - More WIP Shots

I painted miniatures for the best part of the night, but with some help from my friend Michael I was able to make a great deal of progress on this piece. I also learned a lot too.

I wish to say that the next post regarding the Obsidian Garden will be of its completed stage, however I am still in such a process of learning I may take a great deal more time than expected.

Down and Out,
P e z Z

One Week Remains

Today is September 1st and this means that there is a mere seven days left before I get my housing assignment at The Joe Kubert School.

I've been exceptionally busy trying to tie up all my loose ends, clean and pack. I've got about 10 boxes packed, everything of mine is properly labeled for efficient storage and I've got bag upon bag to donate to our local charity consignment shop. I know 10 boxes + sounds like a lot but I'm bringing my art reference books and my ImagineFX magazine collection. Tonight will most likely be spent doing the same as well as finishing up some miniatures.

What can I say? I'm excited.

Down and Out,
P e z Z

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