03 November 2011

Buncha Concept Art

These are for an ongoing project in my Production II class... we have to do character and vehicle concepts starting with only silhouettes.

(The favored silhouette with modifications and ideas)

14 October 2011

Comic Colors on Pro Pages!

I've been practicing my digital coloring skills on pro pages lately. Been reading through my book by Mark Chiarello and Todd Klein on comic coloring and it's been quite insightful. Anyway, here's some of my work. I've had great feedback from Tim Townsend so far and I'm very grateful he was able to spend some time looking at my colors. I've found I really love coloring comics.

Imperial Saboteur

Hot off the tablet... new art!
Chiss Imperial Agent 
[Star Wars The Old Republic]
Adobe Photoshop CS5

21 April 2011

Two More Illustrations !

Two more illustrations from At The Mountains of Madness, a short story by HP Lovecraft

19 April 2011

At The Mountains of Madness Illustration

They had all been in some terrible kind of conflict and were torn and mangled in fiendish and altogether inexplicable ways.

15 February 2011

WIP - D&D Movie Poster

This is an assignment for Layout I where we have to create a B-Movie poster in the sort of style of Reynold Brown. We had to have three elements, sort of like vignettes that tie together and entice the viewer to see the film. This is for a film based on my boyfriend's D&D campaign - I am calling it Dungeons and Dragons: Curse of the Mindflayer in a truly campy B-Movie fashion!

Right now this is a value painting, I am trying to establish contrasts and forms. After this I will overlay color and paint opaquely over these layers to tie everything together and bring the chroma/saturation up where it needs to be.

I really would like to do work for Wizards of the Coast one day so I shall continue creating D&D paintings.

24 January 2011

04 January 2011

A Flayed Man

A Flayed Man

11x17, Digital Painting in Adobe Photoshop CS5

A project for Layout I involving symmetrical design.

01 December 2010

A b o u t . M e

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